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Tubular Drag Conveyors

Tubular Drag Conveyors for Material Conveying

Tubular Drag Conveyors Transport Material Horizontally and Vertically Within Dust-Tight Tubes, While Ensuring No Degradation of Product

Tubular drag conveyors mechanical conveyors that operate by dragging bulk powders and solids through an enclosed tubular space. Our Tubular Drag Conveyors are fabricated from steel, fiberglass, or plastic, depending on the industry, material characteristics, and application. The maximum conveying velocity achieved with tubular drag conveyors is approximately 2,000 cubic feet per hour (56.6 m3/h). Our tubular drag conveyors contain evenly spaced out discs along the length of the cable or chain. Tubular drag conveyors are powered by a motor-driven sprocket that sits within the tube, and offers several customizations, including the number and position of inlets and outlets and conveyor length and routing. The totally-enclosed tubular design of these conveying systems ensure an enclosed, dust-free environment that reduces the risk of dust explosions and health hazards. Our tubular drag conveyors are suitable for the food processing industry, plastics industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and more.
tubular drag conveyors conveying equipment
þ Move product in virtually any direction, even between facilities
þ Near-zero product breakage and degradation
þ Bi-directional transport with multiple inlets and discharges
þ Air-tight protection of your product
þ Clean-In-Place fully-automated options
þ FDA food-grade and sanitary design

Bulk Bag Frame Options

Tubular Chain Conveyors

  • Reduce Spills and Accidents
  • Improve Operator Conditions
  • Increase Process Efficiency
  • Integral Dust Collection Fan or Connect Your Central Dust Collector
  • Reverse Pulse-Jet Filters Minimzes Maintenance
  • Return Captured Dust into Your Process.
  • Integrate with Conveyors, Mixers, and More
  • Fixed Units and Portable Units Available
  • Support Bags on Grate While Unloading
  • Knife Options for Slitting Open the Bag Automatically
  • Custom designs available             
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