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Screw Feeders
Carolina Material Technologies offers several types of Gravimetric and Volumetric Screw Feeders by Orbetron, as well as complete screw batching systems, in order to fit your application's specific need for Bulk Solids Handling. We offer the following models: Gravimetric Feeder AS60, Gravimetric Feeder AS25-AT16, Gravimetric Feeder AT20, Gravimetric Feeder OT45, M-Flex Feeder.

Screw Feeder AS60

  • Suitable for feeding granules, pellets, free and non - free flowing powders, regrind materials, flakes and fibers
  • Designed with a multiple wing agitator ensuring full agitation of the entire ingredient compartment.
  • The multiple wing agitator eliminates bridging and inducing free material flow and an optimum screw filling level for consistent linear mass flow.
  • On all mechanical connections for the material inlet and outlet of the feeder it is possible to mount different accessories to reach the highest performance and precise
  • accuracy in the desired application.
  • The feeder can be used in a single standalone application or it can be integrated in a multiple feeding system.

Screw Feeder AS25-AT16

  • Designed to feed free flowing products as well as poor flowing powders at very low rates.
  • The removable feed hopper makes it ideal for applications that require quick material changes.
  • Single screw hopper to feed free-flowing products, twin screw with horizontal agitator to feed the most difficult products.
  • Easily integrated with gravimetric or volumetric controls, as well as installed separately or in a production line with multiple feeding devices.

Screw Feeder AT20

  • Compact feeder and gear box design
  • High modularity for easy dismantling and cleaning
  • Horizontal material outlet discharge
  • Toolfree change of the feeder screw
  • Applicable for single spiral and auger screws
  • All material contact metal in stainless steel
  • Mechanical gear box with lifetime lubrication
  • 370W DC motor with speed control in protection class IP 54
  • Operating and material temperature -20..60°C (-4..130°F)
  • Unit conforms to directives

M-Flex Screw Feeder

  • Standard SS construction as standard
  • Quick exchange hopper with single and twin screw
  • Steep wall hopper
  • Friction free massaging rolls with separate drive
  • Over 30 standard screw configurations
  • Easy to use O2 Controller touch screen
  • Volumetric continuous or batch
  • Gravimetric loss-in-weight continuous
  • Gravimetric loss-in-weight batch
  • Gravimetric gain-in-weight
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