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Robotic Palletizer

CUBE Robotic Palletizer

Providing a Compact Palletizing Solution and End-of-Line Automation

The CUBE Robotic Palletizer is a Fast Palletizing System for Cardboard Boxes
We are proud to introduce CUBE™, the small, portable workhorse for end of line automatic palletizing. The Cube™ is a linear robotic top load case packer / pick and place solution optimized for products in flexible packaging, available in either a one-pallet or two-pallet configuration.  The unit utilizes a robot that moves in both the X, Y and Z axis, for a multitude of container placement on various size pallets.  Pneumatic rotation of the tool by 90 degrees or servo-controlled by 180 degrees to place the labels towards the outside of the pallet. The system is totally contained, with a light curtain on the pallet access side and box entry location, while the frame is completed with either Plexiglas windows or mesh screen protecting operators on the other three sides of the unit.  The Cube™ conforms to the highest safety industry standards.  Our machine is CE certified, with all components with UL approved components.
þ Automated Palletizing of Boxes
þ Capacity: 6-8 boxes/min
þ Compact Design (9' Tall x 5' Wide x  8' Long)
þ Equipped with a Safety Light Curtain
þ Can Be Portable From Line-to-Line
þ Industry 4.0 / Remote Access Assistance

Equipment Overview

Robotic Palletizing Solutions To MEet Your Automation Needs

The CUBE 800/1000 is a Robotic Palletizing Machine that Allows You to Reduce Production Time and Labor Costs.

In-Feed Positioning Conveyor
The CUBE Robotic Palletizer is fed by an incoming motorized conveyor, which integrates into our In-Feed Positioning Conveyor, allowing for pallet changeovers in a matter of minutes.

The positioning conveyor uses a robotic sensor that scans the incoming boxes, in order to confirm that the top and bottom lids are closed prior to lifting and palletizing.
Various End of Arm Tools
We provide several end-of-arm tools for different types of boxes and packages used in packaging applications. Tools for Suction Lifting, Vacuum Lifting, Lateral Blade Lifting, etc are available to support removable boxes, cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, etc.

We can also develop custom mixed tools. in order to guarantee pickup and delivery of packages.
Advanced PLC Controls
The Cube™ Robotic Palletizer Machine is controlled via a Panasonic PLC and HMI and is programmed to account for the following variables, per recipe: Pallet Size, Container Size, Height of Stack and Desired Container Placement.

This ultra-fast palletizing system holds up to 100 recipes, providing flexibility in meeting your unique and ever changing palletizing needs.

Industry 4.0
The machine connects you to essential information in your factory, such as average cycle time, stop times, number of boxes on pallets, etc. Connecting the robotic palletizing maching to your factory network will enable you to remotely connect to the equipment screen itself, granting you access to all the parameters from any web browser. See real-time analysis and progress via the CUBE reports. Palletizing programs can be downloaded to the machine via FTP or USB.

Why Automate the Palletizing Process?

  1. Eliminate labor shortages, a key contributor to production shortages in all industries. Keep in mind that repetitive motion jobs, such as palletizing, are highly undesirable in today's workforce.
  2. Eliminate dependency on your workforce. The Cube™ appears and performs efficiently day after day.
  3. Eliminate the high cost of hiring, retention, PTO, health insurance, 401K plans.
  4. Eliminate breaks, lunch breaks, and duplication of the workforce required to fill these positions.
  5. Eliminate insurance claims while protecting your operators.
  6. Reduce production costs and increase productivity.
  7. Eliminate partial height loads (caused by human limitations and potential workplace injuries) which increase efficiency and profitability.
  8. Minimize the floor space required for palletizing, thereby reclaiming valuable production space.
  9. Built with top brand industrial components. Reduces the maintenance cost of other automatic palletizing options to a minimum.
  10. Know the production in your reports and records, vital information for your continuous improvement process.
  11. ROI: All of the above leads to increased profitability at your facility. Contact us for an ROI calculator
Why Automate Packaging with the CUBE Robotic Palletizer

Why the Cube™ vs Standard Palletizing Solutions

  1. The Cube™ is a simple and straightforward solution designed for this low capacity market. Compare design and price to large, complex pallet racking units that “reconfigure” for low-capacity processes.
  2. Pre-configured system that only requires a connection to your feed conveying system.
  3. Reduced size that allows palletizing at the end of the line, which is not possible with conventional palletizers.
  4. Robust design. Only industrial material for work in the worst conditions.
  5. Your box will not fall. Designed to delay the drop of the box in the event of power failures or emergency stops.
  6. Easily move it wherever you want thanks to its built-in wheels.
  7. It will detect the open box before palletizing. Your product will not be damaged by falling out of the box.
  8. Portable. Unit can be disconnected from power and air; laminate to another line, thus providing real flexibility in your palletizing process.
  9. Connect remotely from wherever you want to know the production of your factory in real time.
Advantages of Automating Palletizing and Packaging
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