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Bag Handling Systems

Bag Handling Systems for 50lb Material Handling Sacks

Auto and Manual Unloading of Polypropylene Bags, Coffee Sacks, Jute Bags, Burlap Sacks, and Gunny Sacks in Process Plants

Emptying 50lb (25kg) bags can be very physically laborsome for process plant operators. That is why it is essential to make the emptying process as easy and safe as possible. Whether you choose to empty your bags manually or automatically, we ensure that safety and efficiency are our priorities. We offer ergonomically engineered Manual Bag Handling Stations and Fully Automatic Bag Handling Robots. Our experts will consult with you to determine the optimal solution for your bag handling needs.
Bag Handling
Auto and Manual Bag Handling
25kg Bags (PP, Jute, Paper, etc)
Chemicals, Powders, Bulk Solids
Dust Control Technology & Integration
Retrofit with Existing Equipment
Increase Safety / Decrease Labor

Features and Advantages

Benefits of Manual Bag Handling Systems

  • Reduce Spills and Accidents
  • Improve Operator Conditions
  • Increase Process Efficiency
  • Integral Dust Collection Fan or Connect Your Central Dust Collector
  • Reverse Pulse-Jet Filters Minimzes Maintenance
  • Return Captured Dust into Your Process.
  • Integrate with Conveyors, Mixers, and More
  • Fixed Units and Portable Units Available
  • Support Bags on Grate While Unloading
  • Knife Options for Slitting Open the Bag Automatically
  • Custom designs available             

Benefits of Auto Bag Handling Systems

  • Completely Automated Bag Handling System
  • Guaranteed Emptying Efficiency (99.99%)
  • Powders, Pellets, Granules
  • Polypropylene Bags, Jute Bags, Gunny Sacks, etc
  • Empty 20-100 lb. Sacks
  • 40-1,300 Bags/Hour. (Up to 35 Tons/Hour)
  • Automatic Bag Slitter with Mechanical Grippers
  • ROI: Less than 12 Months Generally
  • Reduce Material Loss
  • Reduce Labor & Insurance Costs
  • Eliminate Contamination – 100%
Bag Handling Debagging Machine Bag Handling Debagging Machine Bag Handling Auto Debagging Machine
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