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Bin Aerators & Vibrators

Bin Aerators and Industrial Vibrators for Material Flow

CMT provides material flow aids from Monitor Tech and Vibco for the bulk material handling industry. There are various differnt options to improve the flow of your product. We supply air pad bin aerators,  Air Cannons, and Pneumatic Conveying Vibrators. If you are having trouble with your material properly flowing through your equipment, a CMT representative can help you find the right component to get your product flowing again.

Air Pads for Material Flow

Monitor’s Air Pad bin-aerator is a low-cost, rugged option for getting material to flow through your hopper.  The Air Pad has an effective radius of 10” and is part of a row of Air Pads spaced on 12” centers, in most applications.  An external mounting kit makes installation easy and efficient.


  • Promotes Material Flow
  • Rugged Construction
  • Economical
  • Easy Installation

Evassers, Flo-Pad

The Evasser is a bin-aeration unit that will replace the noisy and damaging vibrators commonly used.  Other units that use air to create material flow often have problems with clogging and material back-flow.  The Evasser uses a neoprene boot that expands to release pressurized air, which has an effective radius of 12”, and contracts when the air supply is stopped, creating a seal to block the material from clogging the air outlet.  The Flo-Pad is a row of Evassers, placed in multiple locations in the hopper, to create the most flow of material.

Air Cannons

An Air Cannon consists of a high pressure tank storing compressed air (80 to 125 PSI) and a quick release piston valve that, on command, instantly releases compressed air into the bin or silo to fluidize material. An Air Cannon can be used to solve a variety of bin material flow problems:
Material sticks at the end or above the sloping section of the bin

Material hangs in the lower sloping section of the bin

Material clings to sides of bin and creates a void or dead storage

Material clings to the sides of the bin instead of flowing through the opening

Eccentric Vibrators for Material Flow

Martin Engineering manufactures a variety of durable, energy-efficient rotary electric vibrators  that are ideal for numerous applications, such as installing on a  screen for sifting and sorting, conveying, emptying hoppers thoroughly  of wet or sticky material, and keeping material flowing through chutes  at transfer points. These vibrators are powered with widely accessible and economic electricity and require minimal maintenance, so they are less expensive to operate than other options.
Electric vibrators are also available in models that vary widely in the amount of vibratory force they apply, which makes them perfect for a wide variety of applications. Plus, electric vibrators are quieter than other types of vibrators, so continuous use does not present a risk of hearing loss for workers and they help you stay within OSHA noise requirements.
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