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Baler Compactor for Bulk Bags

Cardboard Baler Compactor Machine for Industrial Recycling

Automatically Roll, Compact, and Shrink Wrap 8-10 Bulk Bags in Minutes

Baler Compactor for Bulk Bag Recycling
CMT provides a Multi-Purpose Baler Compactor that makes Super Sack and Packaging Waste Recycling easier than ever. Not only can this unique baler compactor compact 7-10 super sacks into a 2' x 1' Bale in a matter of minutes, but it can also compact a variety of Films, Cardboard packaging, Plastic Foam Packaging, Paper, Plastic Foams, Fleece Materials, and more! No more dusty bulk bags laying around taking up valuable factory space. Our baler compactor has been engineered with wheels to make it mobile, so you can save valuable time, space, and effort by disposing of your recycling materials at the bag dump station. CMT offers two different models of the Baler Compactor Machine: the RC 1650 and the RC 1655.

The experts at CMT will work with you for a complete bag handling solution. Whether you need a system to unload bulk bags (see Bulk Bag Unloaders) or 50 lb bags (See Manual Bag Dump Stations or the Fully Automated LaborSave Debagging Machine), we will ensure the optimal solution to discharge and dispose yours bags in the most efficient manner.
Compacts 7-10 Super Sacks Per Bale
Decrease Labor / Increase Sanitation
Increase Valuable Warehouse or Plant Space
Advanced Safety Features
1x2' Bales Allow for Easy Handling
Integrate with Unloading Systems

Features and Advantages


  • Add Valuable Warehouse Space by Compacting Super Sack Waste
  • Automatically Compresses and Rolls Recyclables into a Bale
  • Mobile and Compact Design
  • Improve Plant and Factory Hygiene/Sanitation Conditions
  • Advanced Safety Features Protects Your Operators
  • Heavy Duty Strength without Space Wasting
  • Cost Savings on Labor, Storage, and Transportation

Compactable Materials:

  • Bulk Bags and Super Sacks
  • Plastic Bags and Packaging
  • Paper Bags and Recyclables
  • Films (Wrapping, Shrink, and Blister Films)
  • Cardboard Packaging
  • Fleece Materials, and More!
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Integrate Your System

Bulk Bag Unloader with Auxiliary Baler Compactor

Accomplish the Unloading and Disposing of Super Sacks with CMT's Bulk Bag Unloader-Compactor Combo. Our bulk bag unloaders boast the industry’s largest bag access chamber, or as we like to call it, the Contain-It™ Chamber. This large, User-Friendly Access Chamber t allows the operator to easily tie, retie, and handle FIBC Bulk Bags and Super Sacks in an enclosed, controlled, dust-tight chamber.

No more spilling excess material on your plant floor when shaking or handling the bag after discharge. We offer three main models (Hoist and Trolley Model, Short Frame Model, and Fork-Truck Loaded Model) with two types of bulk bag agitation: Paddle Agitation (Massage-It™) and Vertical Vibration (Shape-It™). Our bulk bag unloaders are the industry leading Dust Containment Units. After you have unloaded your bag, simply roll the plastics baler machine near the unloader, and insert any used bulk bags and watch your bags be compacted and plastic wrapped in a matter of minutes!
Baler compactor for super sack recycling

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Technical Information

  • For compacting super sacks and similar material, equipped with electrical equipment suitable for operating voltage 480 V (3 PH + N + PE) / 60 Hz
  • Three-phase gear motor 3 kW, 480 V / 60 Hz, enclosure IP 54, efficiency class IE3, Heavy duty base frame and strong main drive via roller chain
  • Easy accessibility for cleaning, maintenance or service via the inspection doors on the machine’s side walls and on the rear wall
  • Inspection doors and flaps are secured by safety switches
  • Safety panels at the feed table and at the bale ejection
  • Electrical control panel with main switch and reset button at the front (feeding side)
  • Electrical control prepared for reverse run with automatic overload protection with potentiometers to adjust wrapping sequence and to adjust operating time
  • Fully automatic control for wrapping system, cutting of wrapping film, function of ejection door and compacted bale ejection,
  • Control unit at the feed table featuring “start”, “stop” and “reverse run” buttons with selector switches for setting mode of operation and for setting different bale diameters, with switch to operate bale ejection door manually and with an alarm to signal "bale full"
  • Separate multi-function display for continuous indication of filling level and with daily and lifetime counters for operating hours and number of bales
  • Additional flashing light to indicate “bale full”
  • Bale counter at the compacted bale ejection
  • Castors on the stands
  • 3-meter connection cable to power supply
  • Machine finish according to RAL 7016 (framework) and according to RAL 7038 (covers & doors)
  • Stretch wrap tying including 1 roll of stretch wrap plastic film, fitted to the machine
  • Feed table for manual loading of bulk bags or recyclable material
  • Dust hood above feed table with socket pipe for connection to central dust extraction
  • Dust collection drawer below the machine

Description of working method:

After sorting out the bulk bags or recycling material, it can be placed on the table of the machine. Insert the material into the chute, allowing the conveying belt to grasp it and pull it into the compacting chamber and where it is then rolled by the machines rotating action of two belts. As more and more bulks bags or material is inserted into the chute, the two conveying belts form a cylindrical bale where the recyclable material or waste is compacted. The material remains compacted inside the machine, allowing the compacting process to take place on-demand and allowing the operator to insert bags as needed. The compacting progress is displayed continuously via an LED display. After achieving the pre-selected bale size (Model RC 655 has three bale diameters that can be selected), the bale wrapping is initiated by pulling the plastic wrap and inserting it into the feed intake chute. The compacted bulk bags (or material) are then automatically wrapped with the plastic film.  After the wrapping process is completed, the plastic film is automatically cut by the machine. The baling compartment is then opened with a push of a button on the operating console and will close again automatically after having ejected the compacted bale. The RC 655 fully automates the cutting process, as well as ejecting the compacted bulk bags.
Bag Compactor Machine Process Graphic
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