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Conveying Gates and Valves

Industrial Feeding and Conveying Gates and Valves for Material Handling

Carolina Material Technologies provides a full range of heavy-duty  conveying valves including rotary airlock valves, diverter valves, weigh valves, slide gate valves, iris valves and maintenance gates. In addition CMT provides butterfly valves, knife gates and orifice gates.
Diverter Valves
Double Dump Valves
Slide Gate Valves
Butterfly Valves

Rotary Valves

  • Feeder applications with no pressure, used purely to feed product from a bin or hopper
  • Filter applications e.g. cyclones, baghouses and various collectors where fine dust must be collected whilst maintaining an air seal.
  • Pneumatic conveying applications where feeding material into a system against pressure or vacuum.

Diverter Valves

  • Used in the pneumatic conveying industry
  • Reroute powder, pellets or granules from one discharge to another.

Double Dump Valves

  • Used for low-pressure feeding applications on fibrous, large particle and/or very abrasive products
  • Used where rotary airlocks would typically jam and/or suffer intolerable wear.

Slide Gate Valves

  • Heavy duty valves with cast bodies, knife gate, stuffing box with packing and oversized air cylinders.
  • ASA 150 lb bolt hole pattern.
  • Options include resilient seat for sealing against pressure or vacuum; solenoid valves and proximity sensors.
  • The knife gate is also available with hand crank actuator.

Butterfly Valves

  • Consists of a circular disc with its pivot axis at right angles to the direction material is flowing.
  • Made up of a body, seat, disc, stem, and actuator.
  • Each component part is available in a variety of materials called “trim features.”
  • Properly combining trim features to address material handled and environment is important in selecting the correct model valve for its intended service.
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