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Industrial Dust Collectors

Industrial Dust Collectors to Maximize Process Uptime and Efficiency

Pulse-Jet Baghouses, Cartridge Dust Collectors, Filter Receivers, and Bin Vents for a Cleaner Factory Environment

Industrial Dust Collectors
Carolina Material Technologies provides turnkey industrial dust collector solutions. Our selection includes: Pulse-Jet Baghouse Dust Collectors, Cartridge Dust Collectors, Bin Vents for Storage Silos, and Filter Receivers for pneumatic conveying systems. Our industrial dust collectors are custom-engineered for precision dust separation and filtering, ensuring that your process plant is venting clean air into the environment. With millions of CFM going through ACT Dust Collectors worldwide everyday, you can rest assure that your dust collection system will provide long-lasting results. Our team of material handling experts will guide you through the selection process, and will design and build your system according to the needs of your application. We are proud to say that ACT Dust Collectors are built in the United States of America.
Dust Collector Advantages
Dust Collector Advantages

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