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Bin Vents

Bin vents to Capture Material Dust From Air in process systems

Top-Loaded Bin Vents for Easy Filter Acess and Replacement - Air Venting System for Silos, Tanks, Mixers, and more.

Our Bin Vents filter and capture material that is pneumatically conveyed to destination points (such as bins, hoppers and silos) and re-introduces the pulse-cleaned material collected on the filters back into the bin. They are often used in process systems that involve storage silos, pneumatic conveying systems, mixers, blenders, and other material handling equipment. Our Bin Vents have a compact design, and are easy to install.  Contact our dust collection experts to eliminate unnecessary ductwork and reduce installation expense.
Bin Vent for Tanks
Bin Vents
Bin Vents

Bin Vent Features

bin vents for tanks
  • Efficient, compact design for applications involving silos, storage bins, or conveyor transfer points
  • Plenum-mounted installation ensures easy filter removal and replacement from clean air side, making it unnecessary to enter the silo or storage bin.
  • Easy installation on bins or silos, eliminating ductwork and reducing installation expenses
  • Choice of filter cartridges provide high filtration efficiency for a wide variety of applications
  • Continuous and on-demand pulse cleaning ensures that your process runs smoothly and the filters are clean.
Inside Bin Vent
Bin Vents for Silos with Dust Collectors
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