Carolina Material Technologies is a global industrial equipment company that offers bulk material handling equipment, engineering, and consulting services.  Our key individuals are career bulk material handling gurus; averaging over 18 years of bulk material handling industry experience. Our bulk material handling experience includes engineering, consulting, equipment design, product testing, equipment startups and field service. We invite you to experience the Carolina Material Technologies difference on your next project.

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Bulk Material Equipment and Systems

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Equipment and Systems

Carolina Material Technologies provides a wide array of Bulk Material Handling Process Equipment specially designed to provide a solution to most any Bulk Material Handling need. We provide bulk material handling equipment manufactured by 3Sigma, ALM, American Process, Carolina Conveying, C.P. Environmental, Control and Metering, CST Storage, Eirich, Fox Valves, Gough Econ, Hardy Systems, Imperial Tanks, Industrial Magnetics, Lorenz, Salina Vortex, Sly Process Systems, Spiroflow, Omni-Lift, Olds Elevator, Tank Connection, Tecweigh, Thomas Conveyor, Whirl Air Flow & others.


Carolina Material Technologies offers a full range of bulk material handling components for your bulk material handing needs, including magnets, conveying elbows, valves, gates, level controls, monitors, blower packages and flow aids.


Carolina Material Technologies offers a full array of Bulk Material Handling Consulting and Engineering Services.  Averaging more than 18 years of experience in the Bulk Material Handling field per key individual, we are able to provide you with experience based, proven solutions whether looking at the feasibility of a new project; fixing and existing situation or providing turnkey services for a new project.

Equipment Offered:


* Aeromechanical Conveyors

* Automatic Sack Unloading Systems
* Agitated Media Mill
* Airslides
* Bag Compactors
* Bag Dump Stations
* Bag houses
* Bin activators
* Bin Vents

* Bolted Silos
* Bulk bag dischargers
* Bulk bag fillers

* Coating Feeders
* Cone valve dischargers
* Dense Phase Conveying
* Dilute Phase Systems
* Drag Conveyors
* Dryers, Vacuum Dryers
* Dust collector eductors
* Dust detector
* Elevating Belt Conveyors
* Elevating Screw Conveyors
* Elevation Stations

* Feeder Systems
* Field welded tanks
* Filter receiver
* Fine Grinding technology
* Flat Panel Tanks
* Fluidized Zone Mixers
* Fluidizing Paddle Blenders

* Gain-in-Weight Feeders

* Gravimetric Feeders
* IBC Systems

* Loss-in-Weight Feeders
* Paddle Blenders
* Paddle Ribbon Blenders
* Pendular Mill
* Plow Blenders
* Pneumatic Conveying Eductors

* Ribbon Blenders
* Screw Conveyors

* Screw Feeders

* Silos and Tanks
* Shop Welded Silos
* Smooth Walled Bolted Tanks
* Tower Mill
* Vacuum Mixers

* Vibratory Feeder

* Volumetric Feeder

* Welded Silos

Components Offered:


* Air Cannons
* Blower Packages
* Broken Bag Detector
* Butterfly Valves

* C-Level Continuous Level Sensor
* Capacitance Probe Level Sensor
* Conveying Elbows
* Diaphragm Level Switch
* Diverter valves
* Drawer-in-Housing Magnets
* Drum Magnets
* Extractor Magnets

* Flexible Tubing Sleeves
* Flow Aids
* Flow/No Flow Monitors
* Grate Magnets

* Guided Wave Radar Sensor

* Hammertek Elbows

* Industrial Magnets
* In-Line Magnets
* Iris Valves
* Knife Gate Valves

* Level Cell Sensor
* Liquid Line Magnets
* Magnetic Separation Pulleys
* Maintenance Gates
* Manhole Cover Lift Systems
* Orifice gates

* Plastic Tubing
* Plate Magnets

* Point Level Indicators

* Polyurethane Tubing
* Rotary Valve Airlocks
* Rotary Paddle

* Rotary Paddle Level Sensor

* Rubber Tubing Sleeves

* Silo Monitoring Unit
* Slide Gate Valves
* Suspended Magnets
* Tilt Switch Level Sensor
* Vibrators

* Vibrating Rod Point Level Sensor
* Weigh Valves

* Weighing Systems

* Weighing Flexible Sleeves

Consulting Services Offered:


* Equipment/Solution Evaluations
* Feasibility Studies
* Onsite Troubleshooting Services
* Process Evaluations
* Site Evaluations
* Specify Equipment Solutions
* Testing

Bulk Material Handling - Equipment, Engineering, Consulting

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