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Material Feeder Systems
Vibratory Feeders
CMT offers the 3Sigma Geomate Feeder and the BrickMaster Feeder. These two feeders provide highly accurate mass flow feeding using the vibration of an eccentric drive. 3Sigma's Feeders also feature High Frequency Dribble Feed, Instant Off and No Moving Parts, making them the weigh feeder of choice for a variety of dry bulk products. The Geomate is used in a variety of loss-in-weight and batch applications, from plastic pellets to tough-to-handle powders such as Titanium Dioxide. The BrickMaster Feeder is used primarily for coating in the brick industry.

Screw Feeders
CMT offers several types of Gravimetric and Volumetric Screw Feeders by Orbetron, as well as complete screw batching systems, in order to fit your application's specific need for Bulk Solids Handling. We offer the following models: Gravimetric Feeder AS60, Gravimetric Feeder AS25-AT16, Gravimetric Feeder AT20, Gravimetric Feeder OT45, M-Flex Feeder.

Weigh Belt Feeders
CMT offers several types of Weigh Belt Feeders using NTEP approved load cells. These Weight Belt Feeders are available in capacities ranging from 100 pounds per hour to 1000 tons per hour with custom designed feeders for even larger capacities. Calibrating the Weigh Belt Feeder is safe, fast, and easy, using self-storing calibration weights that eliminates the use of bulky chains or difficult hang-on weights. The weights are specially made for the required application, resulting in the most accurate calibration possible.
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