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CMT provides equipment for all of your Pneumatic Conveying needs, including Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying, Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying, Pneumatic Conveying Eductors, Central Vacuum Systems, Airslides, Drying Systems, Crystallizing Systems, Box/Bag/Drum Filling Systems, Box/Bag/Drum Unloading Systems. and Pressure and Vacuum Systems.  Total Pneumatic Conveying Systems solutions offered by Sly Process Systems, Whirl Air Flow, and Fox Valves.

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors

Pneumatic Conveying Eductors

Pneumatic Conveying Airslides

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors
Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveyors

Sly Process Pneumatic Conveyors

Sly Process Pneumatic Conveying
Whirl Air Pneumatic Conveying
Sly Process Pneumatic Conveyors

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors are widely used to move solid  materials in gas or air suspension utilizing a high solid to air ratio. Whirl Air Flow specializes in Desne Phase Pneumatic Conveying. In contrast, dilute phase  pneumatic conveying uses a low solid to air ratio.

Whirl Air Flow offers a full line of Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors that will satisfy your pneumatic conveying needs, including Dense Phase Pressure Pneumatic Conveying systems,  and Dense Phase High-Vacuum Unloading Pneumatic Conveying Systems.

Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveyors are typically used for pneumatically conveying non-abrasive materials. Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveyors are also used when high material velocities and product degradation are not involved.

High velocity, low-pressure system pneumatically conveys the product in suspension of the gas stream. Pressure or Vacuum. Dilute phase pneumatic conveying is the most common pneumatic conveying system. A typical Dilute Phase Conveying system will consist of a positive displacement blower package and a rotary airlock or venturi eductor. The airlock or eductor meters product into the air stream.  The product is kept in suspension and conveyed with a much  higher air to material ratio

CMT offers Pneumatic Conveying Eductors and systems, including Venturi Eductors, Plastics Eductors, Reclaim Eductor Systems, and Rotary Valve Venting Eductors.

Pneumatic Conveying Venturi Eductors are used in the feeding process of bulk solids, such as powders, pellets, flakes, and particulates into pressure, dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems. Pneumatic Conveying Venturi Eductors commonly replace rotary valves when airlocks do not work properly for a specific application.

Sly Process Systems offers two Pressure Operated Dilute Phase Conveying Systems - Batch Dilute Phase Pressure and Continuous Dilute Phase Pressure. Batch Dilute Phase Pressure Conveying systems allow the material to be transported in distinct batches at the  starting point and/or destination. Continuous Dilute Phase Pressure Conveying Systems  allow the material to be constantly supplied at the starting point and it arrives continuously at the destination without interruption.

Sly Process Systems offers Continuous Dilute Phase Vacuum conveying systems, and Batch Dilute Phase Vacuum conveying systems. In the case of a continuous dilute phase pneumatic conveying system, the material  enters the pipeline directly of through the feeding system and is then suspended in the  airflow where it is conveyed at an optimum velocity across the pipeline.  Material then enters a receiving vessel on a continuous basis, and is  typically discharged to the process through some type of airlock.
In a Batch Dilute Phase Vacuum conveying system, material is conveyed to a receiving  vessel in batches where it is discharged through a simple gravity or  air operated gate into the process.

Whirl Air Flow Pneumatic Conveying Airslides are high volume pneumatic conveyors, engineered to convey powders and free-flowing products in a horizontal plane. The simple design of the pneumatic conveying Aidslide’s rectangular enclosure, eliminates airborne dust particles during transport of products. Materials are conveyed on a low pressure "cushion of air," going  through a fluidizing membrane with no moving parts, getting rid of any associated wear of the air slide.

Whirl-Slides pneumatic conveying air slides are offered in various different shapes and sizes, ranging from  4 inches to 24 inches wide. These pneumatic conveying Air Slides are custom built to meet the needs of the application. This pneumatic conveying Air slide has special designs, including curved  sections, drop chutes and special collectors. There are certain materials require  different downward sloping angles to flow. Those angles range from 2 to 15 degrees. The Standard design of the Whirl-Slide pneumatic conveying Air Slide is 8 degrees. Whirl Slides come in standard ten foot lengths, and are made in  carbon or stainless steel.

Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveyors

Drying Systems

Sly Process Systems offers Plastics Resin Drying and Hot Air and Dehumidifying Desiccant Dryers. Three different types of drying systems are offered: SuperPET™ Twin Tower Desiccant Dryers:  specifically designed for energy efficient drying of PET resin and flake in critical injection molding and extrusion applications.
SuperDRI™ dehumidifying desiccant dryers: can be utilized for effective drying of any hygroscopic resin such as ABS, Nylon, PLA, and many other high performance polymers.
SPS ThermaDRI™ hot air dryers: can provide quality and throughput enhancing drying of non-hygroscopic polymers such as PE, PS, PP, and PVC..

Drying System for Bulk Handling

Crystallizing Systems

- Partial crystallization of Amorphous PET up to 7500 PPH.
- “Super Duty” Agitated Crystallizing Hopper.
- “Intelligent” PLC controlled process with PID temperature control.
- Open or Closed Loop configuration depending on application
- Efficient and fast acting Open Coil Electric air heater, or optional indirect gas heat available
- Direct drive hopper agitator and blower for reduced maintenance
- Several filtration options available
- Positive discharge control via variable speed feeder or air operated gate valve.
- Numerous safety interlocks
- Hopper fully insulated with 3” high temp insulation and lagging
- Up to 350�F (175�C) heating capability.
- No post conditioning of material required

Crystallizing Systems for Bulk Handling

Box/Bag/Drum Filling Systems

Sly Process Systems offers the proper bulk container filling method to suite your specific application and bulk product being handled. Among the types of equipment that we might custom configure and specify for use in your particular system include: Bulk Bag (Super Sack) Filling Stations, Gaylord Box Filling Stations, 55 Gallon or Fiber Filling Stations, Combination Bulk Bag/Box/Drum, and Combination Bulk Bag/Box/Drum

Box. Bag, Drum Filling Systems

Box/Bag/Drum Unloading Systems

Sly Process Systems offers the proper bulk container discharging method to suite your specific application and bulk product being handled. Among the types of equipment that we might custom configure and specify for use in your particular system include: Sack Dump Stations, Bulk Bag (Super Sack) Dischargers, Box or Drum Dumpers, and Box Tilters

Box. Bag, Drum Unloading Systems

Pneumatic Conveying

Pneumatic Conveying of Hydrate Lime

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