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Flow / No-Flow Monitors and Broken Dust Collector Bag Detectors

Solids Flow Monitor

SFI and SFD-2 Flow Monitors
The SFI and SFD-2 flow monitors are used to detect flow/no-flow conditions and to get a rough idea of flow-rates in pipes and chutes.  By sending a microwave signal into the material path and measuring the Doppler Effect as the waves bounce back to the unit, the condition of the line can be detected.  The SFI (Solids Flow Indicator) gives a general idea of the flow rate in a line or chute, and sends an analog output signal to give a reading.  This is a relative measurement, and should not be used where specific data is required.  The SFD-2 (Solids Flow Detector) is a non-intrusive, flush-mounted unit, purely designed as a flow/no-flow detector.  This can be used to detect a plugged chute, and be a failsafe point for upstream and downstream equipment.

Flow Monitor SFD-2
Flow Monitor SFI

Broken Bag Detector

Dust Alarm®
Know when your dust collector bags have broken or torn with the Dust Alarm® particle emissions sensor.  Adjustable sensitivity setting and time delay customizes the unit to your application.  The Dust Alarm® can be set to sense 1 mg/ m3 of material at maximum sensitivity.  This unit can be used to sense a change in particle output, and trip an alarm if the existing condition should change.

Broken Bag Detector
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