Standard Drawer-in-Housing Magnet (Manual, EZ-Clean, and Self-Cleaning)

1” magnets on 2” centers make up each magnet bank.  The off-set banks make it necessary for all material to make contact with a magnetic surface.  The magnetic tubes are pulled from a common mounting plate, through BUNA wiper seals, and the ferrous material is collected in a catch pan beneath the unit.  Automatic and manual options are available for the cleaning cycle.

Large Tube Drawer-in-Housing Magnet

For sluggish material, prone to bridging or jamming in other units, the Large Tube Drawer-in-Housing magnet is a perfect fit.  The LTH unit has 3” magnetic tubes on larger centers than the standard drawer-in-housing unit, and steep angled diverters to guide the material through the magnetic field. The Large Tube Drawer-in-Housing Magnet has a powerful 45 MgOe Rare Earth Circuit. The Large Tube Drawer-in-Housing Magnet also has BUNA Wiper Seals for removing collected metal.  The Large Tube Drawer-in-Housing Magnet has a compression spring assisted seal plate, and also has stainless steel construction. The Large Tube Drawer-in-Housing Magnet is made of Fodd Grade EPDM Gasket Material, for leak resistant operation.

Drawer-in-Housing Conveyor Magnets are the most effective way to remove tramp metal from your conveying process.  All material is forced to make contact with a magnetic surface, which makes it the most efficient at retrieving even the smallest ferrous particles. Drawer-in-Housing magnets are designed for ferrous metal separation in dry processing systems. The Drawer-in-Housing magnets use magnetic tubes assembled in a drawer to separate the metal.  The Drawer-in-Housing Magnet’s tubes are aligned on alternating centers for multiple row drawer configurations forcing the product flow in a zig-zag pattern while contacting the magnetic tubes.

Large Tube Drawer-in-Housing Magnet
RotoDrawer Drawer-in-Housing Magnet

RotoDrawer Drawer-in-Housing Magnet

Rotary Style Drawer-in-Housing Magnet to rid ferroues metal from powder and bulk processed products that have a tendency to bridge, choke, and require a high degree of product purity. It features a motorized, cylindrical configuration of magnetic tubes that continually rotate through a gravity fed product stream.The rotational design of the RotoDrawer Drawer-in-Housing magnet, along with our unique splitter bars, serve to break up any clumps of product and allow for easy flow through the magnetic housing while capturing any ferrous metal contamination and purifying the product. The RotoDrawer Drawer-in-Housing magnet has the most powerful 50 MgOe Rare Earth Circuit in the industry. The RotoDrawer Drawer-in-Housing magnet comes in the EZ-Clean or Self-Cleaning models. The RotoDrawer Drawer-in-Housing magnet’s standard sizes range from 8’x8’ to 18’x18.’ Custom designs are available for the RotoDrawer Drawer-in-Housing magnet.  

RotoDrawer Drawer-in-Housing Magnet

Drawer-in-Housing Conveyor Magnets



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