CMT offers Continuous Level Sensors and Indicators, including the Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Sensor, Silo Monitoring Unit Continuous Level Sensor, Level Cell Continuous Level Sensor and the C-level Continuous Level Sensor.  Click on the images and links below for more information on the specified continuous level sensor.

FLEXAR Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Sensor
SiloPatrol Continuous Level Sensor
Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Sensor
Silo Monitoring Unit Continuous Level Sensor

� No Moving Parts
� Ignores Dust and Airborne Interference
� Works in the Toughest Applications

� Spooling Arm Eliminates Cable Nesting
� System Lock Out Prevents   Level Reading while Loading
� Braking System Eliminates “Burying the Bob”

Pancake Level Cell Continuous Level Sensor
Thermo C-Level Continuous Level Sensor
Level Cell Continuous Level Sensor
C-Level Continuous Level Sensor

� For level control of liquids and bulk solids

� 1% Accuracy for most applications

� Mounted Outside of Product Zone

� 1” - 1.5” Tall

� Capacities from 500 kg to 16 tons

� Easy Installation

� 24 volts in, 4-20 mA Signal Out

� Only 1 unit required for 3 legged tank, and 2 for 4 legs

�Accuracy to within �2%
�Resistance to corrosive or abrasive materials, uneven material discharge, build-up on sidewalls, bridging, rat-holing or dusting
�Precision electronic strain sensing with hermetically-sealed stainless steel strain sensor
�External sensor mounted to the bin to eliminate contamination or corrosion
�Incorporated sensor to eliminate temperature effects common to “bolt-on” sensors

Continuous Level Sensors and Indicators

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