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Bulk Bag Dischargers
Conveying Elbows
Dust Collection
Feeders & Weigh Systems
Gates & Valves
Level Controls
Point Level
Flow Monitors
Machanical Conveyors
Pneumatic Conveying
Silos & Tanks
Sizing Equipment
Tote/IBC Systems




Basic Model

Complete Dust Control

Controlled Vibration

Paddle Agitation

Hammertek General

How Do it Work

Bin Vent Comparison


3Sigma BrickMaster

3Sigma Batching Brochure

Geometry of Mass Flow Feeding

Bray Butterfly Valve General

Bray Butterfly Valve 20-21

Bray Butterly Valve Model 30-31

Diverter - Slide 0-30

Diveter - Slide 30-30

Diverter - Flap

Diverter - Plug

Knife Gate - KGC

Knife Gate - KGl

Knife Gate General

Rotary Valve General

Rotary Valve Venting

RV - Gland Follower

RV - Quick Release Rotor

Slide Gate - Cast

Slide Gate - Cast to  28" hg

Slide Gate - General

Load Cell



Capacitance Probe

Rotary Paddle

Vibrating Rod

Flow/No Flow

Belt - Head Pulley

Belt - Overhead

DIH - The Ox

Drawer-in-Housing (DIH)

Drum Separators


Hump - Self Clean

Manhole Cover Lifts

Overview - General




Pneumatic - DIH

Pneumatic -General

Split Flow


Elevating Belt

Elevating Screw

Flexible Screw

Screw - Custom

Screw - High Temp

Screw - Industrial

Screw - Shaftless

Bag Dump Station

Bin Vent Filter

Blower Package

Bulk Bag Unloader



Dehumidification Package

Dense Phase- Vacuum

Central Vacuum System

Fox Venturi Products- Request Literature

Venturi Eductor Replacing a Rotary Valve (Video)

Agitated Discharge Hoppers

Clamp Together Ducting

Flex Tip Airlock

Pet Crystallizing Hopper

Pet Crystallizing System

Portable Stacking Bins

Safe Loading System

Air Cannon

Bin Activator - Cone Valve

Bin Activator - Eccentric

Silos - Bolted

Storage Tanks and Silos - General

Silos - Liquid

Silos - Welded

Vibrators - Air

Vibrators - Electric

Crushers  - General

Crushers - Flow Smasher

IBC - Cone Valve System

IBC - Hydraulic Lift


Manganese Feeders

Sand Coatings Feeders

IBC System Replaces Unreliable Tubular Drag Conveyor

New Compounding System Automates 72 Ingredients

Eliminating Plant Shutdowns with a Reliable Loss-in-Weight Material Feeder

Replacing a Troublesome Screw Feeder With a Reliable Batching System

Tungsten Powder Batching System

Portable, Dust Free Dry Material Feeder Loss-in-Weight Batching System

Corn Starch Loss in Weight Batching System

Gain-in-Weight Batching System for Titanium Dioxide

Volumetric Feeder for Diatomaceous Earth and Molybdenum

Bulk Material Handling Literature

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bulk material handling solutions

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