1 Chronicles 29:11-12
Who is Jesus?
How do I answer this question?
Is it dumb to believe in "A God"?
I need to get my life right before I can go to God
What about religious hypocrisy?
What about a relationship with my priest vs. with God?
Aren't there many "ways" to God?
God wouldn't exclude all other religions, would He?
Give me some real proof!
Do you feel there is something wrong with our society?
What is truth?
You don't know what I've done in the past
All the church wants is my money
Isn�t Christianity a crutch?
Who is this Jesus?

This is the question of the ages.  After more than 2,000 years this question continues to rage.  Why? 

If he was merely a man (good, bad or crazy) WE would not be interested in him or this question.  Yet billions seek Him, billions try to answer this question.  Are you aware that thousands are murdered, today, for having a relationship with Him?  Why?  How can this be happening 2,000 years after his death?  When you are able to answer this question you will then have the answer to life itself.

How do I answer this question?

You can’t leave this up to someone else.  You can’t believe “just to believe”.   We invite you to investigate the Bible.  You must investigate Jesus’ claims.  Then you can answer, was he:
-A good moral teacher?  If so why was he killed?
-A crazy man?  If so why did so many people follow him, then and today?
-God himself?

How can you be so dumb to just believe in �a God�?  Use your brain, would you?!

It is important to understand that, as Christians, we don’t just believe in a “thing”.  For example, I think we would all agree that it would be pretty silly to look at the clock on the wall and say, “I believe that is God.  I will now put all my faith in this clock.  Clock you are God, help me!”   Is that what Christians do?  No.

Truly born again Christians have had a personal experience with the person, Jesus Christ.  I never decided to “believe in Jesus” just to believe in something.  I personally experienced the man, Jesus, and He changed my life.  He INTERVENED in my life years ago and He still does on a regular basis.  He is real.  He is alive.  He intervenes in my life. He guides, protects, counsels, forgives, loves and comforts on a daily basis.  Something that clock will never be able to do, no matter how much you want to “believe”.

Don’t believe in a “clock”.  Seek Him out and experience the Lord of the universe that loves you more deeply than you can imagine – just as you are!

I need to get my life �right� before I can go to God

Here is one of the most beautiful aspects of the Lord Jesus.  He doesn’t say “clean up” before you come into my presence.  He says, “Come, just how you are.  I love you.  I’ve always loved you.  I’ve been wooing you.  Waiting for you.  I love you my daughter.  I love you my son.  I’ve longed to be with you.  I will make you white as snow.”

I don�t want any part of religious hypocrisy I see!

The good news is that Jesus also despised religion.  Read any of the gospels (Mark, Matthew, Luke or John) and you will find Jesus in a constant battle against the religious leaders of the time.  Not only did they argue but they killed him – the greatest hypocrisy of all time.

That leads us to this point – people make lousy gods.  If you are looking to a person to be righteous or sinless or holy you will be disappointed 100% of the time.  Jesus came and died for our sins because we need a Savior.  If anyone could be holy or perfect on their own they wouldn’t need a Savior!  But we are imperfect – in fact becoming a Christian (which means follower of Christ) – is an ADMISSION THAT WE ARE IMPERFECT.  Therefore Christians will disappoint you

With that being the case what do you do?   I would suggest that you look to the only person to live a holy and sinless life and follow His example.  God is God, we are not.  Most problems arise in life when we mix this up.

Are you lonely?  Unfulfilled?  Have you tried filling this �hole� with success?  Marriage?  Kids? Clothes?  Cars?  Country Club Memberships? Bigger homes?  More money?

The truth is “stuff” can’t fill this hole  because this is a “God sized hole”, which God created in each one of us, so that we will ultimately look to Him for comfort and fulfillment.    Your wife can’t fill it.  Your job can’t fill it.  They were never designed to fill it.

When we have a problem with our car, we take it to a mechanic, sometimes the dealership to ensure we get the correct diagnosis and repair.  If you are hurting, empty, unfulfilled, look to your Creator, the master mechanic of all humankind, for the correct diagnosis and repair.  He answers all requests, He is waiting for you to ask Him – “Help me Lord Jesus; I don’t know what to do”.  Ask Him now.

Are you confused with your relationship with your priest versus your relationship with God?

Many have struggled with this issue.  They have been taught by the church:
-“You need to speak to the priest to communicate with God”
-“The priest or pastor is your required intermediary”
- “Only a sinless person can communicate with God”

Unfortunately the truths of the Bible have been twisted for many human reasons.  The above statements included.  Jesus is our (every person in the world) High Priest.  Through Him  and His act of sacrifice on the cross, for all people’s sins, we have direct access to the Father (God).  You only need to  speak to your father God and He will answer.

This next point is vitally important.  Don’t trust our words; don’t trust your pastor’s words or anyone else’s words WITHOUT comparing it to the words of the Holy Bible.  We have all been given God’s instruction book.  God’s love letter to us.  If we want to know what is truth (your pastor’s words, our words, etc) then you need to investigate this yourself.

Aren�t there �many ways to God�?

Although this may sound “logical” or “nice” to you, is this true?  Where do we find the answer?  For this discussion, we ask you to research the Bible and determine if it is Truth.   Let your investigation reveal truth to you.

The Bible does say, through Jesus himself, “I am the way, the truth and the light.  No one can come to the Father except through me.”  This is the same Jesus we spoke about in paragraph one, the same Jesus whom is still debated, loved, hated and for whom people die for, still today.  Why?

Christianity can�t be �God�s religion� as it excludes all of those other people.  God wouldn�t do that, would He?

It is very important to understand that every religion, by definition, is exclusive.  If you are a dedicated Muslim, you will find this is the only way to get to heaven.  You can’t get there as a Christian (your belief system is wrong).  If you are Jewish, you can’t get to heaven without being Jewish and following the rules set forth by God.  Again, every religion, by definition, is exclusive.

Give me some real proof!

His coming, ministry and death on the cross fulfilled over 400 prophecies of the Old Testament (Torah).

Is there something deep inside of you that says, "Something is wrong with our society."?

Why do we “feel” that these school shootings are wrong?  That rape is wrong?  That hate is wrong? Where does this come from?  Where does the question of right and wrong come from? 

Let’s think of right and wrong as a moral compass.  “Right” points due north.  “Wrong” points due south.  They are polar opposites.  Did school teach you this?  Did your parents?  For some, both did to an extent.  How does every person in the world, no matter where you travel, “know” that murder is wrong?  This isn’t a cultural question.  This is a human question.  As all humankind is guided by this compass.  For our good, God has put this moral compass in each of us, which allows us to function as a society. 

What is truth?

Truly, we are often told absolute truth does not exist.  We are living in a world of “relative” truth.  What is true for you may not be true for me?  Yet, the world continues to function only on the basis of thousands of absolute truths.
-Gravity keeps us from floating out into the atmosphere.  If gravity was to disappear we would float away.  Truth.
-The earth sits on its axis at exactly ___ degrees.  If this was altered by ___ degree we would burn up, by ___ degree we would freeze and all life would die instantly. Truth.
-If the content of oxygen / hydrogen changed by __ % we, again, would die, instantly.  Truth.

An associate has often shared how life would function if truth was truly relevant.  Your college professor hands you your most recent test, in which you scored a D.  You could say, “No, I didn’t get a D, as, according to my truth, many of the answers marked wrong are actually correct.”  At the end of the day, the professor exhibits Absolute Truth, in giving you a D on your records. 

Can you imagine our society forming their own truths when it comes to the law and law enforcement?  Chaos!  For me, running a slow driver off the road is not wrong, in fact, I have just helped society.  Or a man robbing you at gunpoint, because, for him, taking your possessions is not wrong, but it is right according to his relative truth.  Chaos!

Society could no more function under Relative Truth than life itself.  God has designed all of life to function under various the laws of physics.  They are “true” in that if they changed life would be altered dramatically, or cease to exist.  Logically truth cannot be relative (choices can be) but truth is absolute.

But you don�t know what I�ve done!

This may be the greatest news of all time.  God knows everything you have done and He still loves you unconditionally and so desires to “clean you up”- give you a new start. 

God says, “While you were still enemies, I died for you”.    Jesus died for your, mine, everyone’s sins.  That was His mission in coming to this earth.  This is the greatest act of love and grace the world has ever known (why else would we still be talking about Him!).  Grace is receiving something we don’t deserve.  His grace is greater than your sin!

He died so that we can come to God.  Jesus is our high priest who has authority to forgive us and present us as sinless before the Father, our Holy One.

All the church wants is my money.

As always, men (pastors, elders, deacons, church members) will disappoint you because they are all flawed sinners, just like you and I.  But, in the vast majority of all churches, and if they are functioning as Jesus commands, they are not interested in your money.

The church exists to help people and to spread the Good News that Jesus Christ is Lord.  Churches don’t go into “business” to “make money”.  Let’s think about this. A church, specifically pastors, are constantly dealing with its members and their problems (with God’s guidance).  In many cases they must be psychologists, social workers, providers and temp agencies, all at the same time.  How many professions would allow you to make more money faster?  Nearly any business profession.

The church, which is the Body of Christ, was created by God to serve His people.  The heartbeat of a healthy church is evident by its servant leadership and submission to Almighty God.  The church is interested in your eternity- your soul.  The church desires for you to investigate this man, Jesus Christ.  Of course, this does take money.   Money is a tool the church needs to function, not its goal.

One truth the Bible clearly states, over and over, is that God owns everything – everything in the heavens and the earth.  The silver, the gold, the mountains, the valleys, the animals… everything.  With that being the case does God need our money? 


Being a successful businessman, having all the world has to offer and loving my own personal lifestyle...Jesus came to me, met me, wooed me and changed me from moment one.  I wasn’t looking to change anything.  I loved my life- sports cars, women, money, etc.- everything that we are told is “it”.  But Jesus answered me when I looked for “something greater”.  Since that time I’d love to tell you life is perfect.  Unfortunately not.  Life is awesome but as a soldier for The Most High, I am in the most challenging aspect of my life.  Christianity is not for the faint of heart, but for the warrior!

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