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The patented LaborSave is a fully automatic, highly effective sack emptying system that results in significant savings from increased efficiency, less waste of raw material and less labor. The cost-efficient LaborSave has four models to meet a range of needs.

HC Model

Up to 600 sacks/hour
99.90% empty

G2 Model

Up to 900 sacks/hour
99.99% empty

VHC Model

Up to 1300 sacks/hour
99.99% empty

Tremendous savings in raw materials, labor, storage and transportation


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LaberSave Sack Emptying System
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Greater throughput

Increased efficiency of raw materials

Reduced labor

Enhanced safety

Reduced contamination risk

Enhanced flexibility

Quick ROI

Up to 1300 bags/hour – 32.5 tons /hour

More than 99.99% empty

Automatic sack unloading and emptying

Total elimination of manual lifting

A clean sack emptying environment

Suitable for standard sack types

The LaborSave is ideal for loading silos, day tanks or bulk trucks.  Carolina Material Technologies offers the LaborSave as a stand-alone system and also offers a complete system solution including pneumatic or mechanical conveying, silos, day tanks, bin vent filters, level controls and discharging equipment to meet your requirements.

LC Model

Up to 400 sacks/hour
99.90% empty

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