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Heavy Duty Magnets for Industrial Applications
Industrial Feeding and Conveying Gates and Valves for Material Handling
Carolina Material Technologies supplies a wide range of heavy-duty  and Industrial magnets for the removal of tramp metal, and the protection of your equipment. Our magnet separators utilize 50 MgOe rated rare earth magnets, which are approximately 20 times stronger than old, ceramic magnets. We specializes in custom configurations for industrial applications.  

CMT offers Drawer-in-Housing Conveyor Magnets, Suspended Magnets, In-Line Magnets, Extractor Magnets, Drum Magnets, Plate Magnets, Grate Magnets, Magnetic Separation Pulleys, Liquid Line Magnets and Manhole Cover Lift Systems.
Drawer-in-Housing Magnet for Tramp Metal Removal
- Extract tramp metal from the conveying process.

- Material contacts the magnetic surface, making it the most efficient way of removing even the smallest ferrous particles from conveyor lines.

-Designed for the separation of ferrous metal in dry processing systems.

- Separates the metal through magnetic tubes assembled in a drawer.

- Tubes are aligned on alternating centers for multiple row drawer configurations making the product flow in a zig-zag pattern while contacting the magnetic tubes.

Suspended Overhead Magnet for Tramp Metal Removal
- Used for “over-the-belt” applications, to extract tramp metal from a bed of material.

- Electromagnets and Permanent Magnets are used for this removal process.

- Used for the protection of valuable processing equipment from ferrous metal damage.

- Increase the purity and quality for high volume products that are belt conveyed.

- Magnetic circuits that reach deep and provide unparalleled metal separation capabilities.

- Use the Suspended Overhead Industrial magnet prior to a metal detector in order to achieve maximum separation.
Pneumatic Conveying Line Magnets
- Extract particles of metal without restricting product flow.

- Aerodynamic cone that carries the material in a uniform flow around the outside of the magnetic tube.

- Ferrous material extracted from the product line, and sticks to the magnet until it is removed and disposed.

- The Inline magnets feature a leak-resistant seal, EZ-Clean Stripper Sleeve, a door-mounted magnet for easy clean up, and stainless steel construction.

- We offer the following: Bullet® Pneumatic Line Magnet, the Exposed Pole Tube Magnet, the Vacuum Line Magnet, and the Pipe Magnet.

Extractor Magnet for Tramp Metal Removal
- Built for high-volume, dry material processing.

- Aids in keeping material flowing at the desired rate, while still protecting equipment and removing unwanted ferrous material.

- Split-Flow Magnet is used in gravity or choke fed applications, in vertical chutes.

- Split-Flow Magnets are used for 12’ x 12’ to 20’ x 20’ chute sizes.

- Extractor Magnet works much like the Split-Flow model, but has only 2 parallel magnets within the unit. Extractor

- Magnets are used for 8’ x 8’ to 10’ x 20’ chute sizes.

- Available in Self-Cleaning and EZ-Cleaning models for scheduled, automatic cleaning, or manual cleaning.
Industrial Drum Magnets for Tramp Metal Removal
- Used in dry, free flowing applications, in order to remove tramp metal from your product flow.

- Engineered to continuously self-cleaning.

- Made of powerful Ceramic or Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Material.

- Offered in a large selection of standard sizes with custom designs available.

- The Drum Magnet comes with sealed Bearings for Drum Support and Drive

Plate Magnets for Tramp Metal Removal
- Used in angled chute applications where product degradation occurs or could occur.

- Three types of plate magnets: Flush Face Plate Magnets, Exposed Pole Plate Magnets, and Spout Plate Magnets.

- Flush Face Plate Magnets are best used in above-the-flow chute or belt applications.

- Plate magnets deliver continuous magnetic protection for down stream processing equipment, when installed over the material flow.

- Exposed Pole Plate Magnets are best used in low to medium volume applications.

- Spout Plate Magnets are best used in high volume, below-the-flow applications.

- Offered with EZ-Clean and Self-Cleaning.
Industrial Grate Magnets for Tramp Metal Removal
- Grate Magnets, or “Hopper Magnets,” are ideal for chutes, bins, bag dumps and hoppers.

- The Grate Magnets are offered in square or round tubes to suit the application.

- On the grate magnet, 1” magnetic sections are placed on 2” centers, and attached to 1/8” thick support stringers.

- Also offered in Round and Square Magnetic Tubes.

- The magnetic tubes are available in Rare Earth and Ceramic models.
Magnetic Separation Pulleys for Tramp Metal Removal
- Powerful permanent Magnetic Separation Pulleys.

- Usually installed as head pulleys in applications with conveyor systems to improve product purity and protect valuable equipment from metal damage.

- The pure product that is conveyed is unaffected by the process.

- Magnetic Separation Pulleys are an effective way to remove tramp metal from a material flow, automatically and continuously.

Liquid Line Magnets for Tramp Metal Removal
- Plate Style T-Trap Magnet

- Tube Style T-Trap Magnet

- T-Trap Liquid Line Magnets protect pumps, screens, mills and other important and valuable equipment.

- Remove ferrous metals and work-hardened stainless impurities through either a mounted plate or series of magnetic tubes in the conveying line.

- Easy to install, with clamp in or bolt in models.

- Designed for line pressure up to 200 psi and temperatures of up to 300°.
Magnetic Manhole Cover Lift
- Quickly, safely and magnetically remove and replace manhole covers that weigh up to 400 lbs

- Minimize stress & strain on the back and body

- Provides excellent protection against slipping and falling - especially in rainy, snowy or icy conditions.

- The ergonomic design of our system allows even a single person to lift and move a heavy, cumbersome manhole cover with ease.

- Especially ideal where weight limit restrictions are part of company policy, or aging or gender diverse workforces are a consideration.

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