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Hammertek® Elbows

Hammertek® Elbows for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

CMT is proud to offer the HammerTek® Smart Elbow. This "smart" conveying elbow provides long-wearing protection from elbow failure in pneumatic and hydraulic conveying systems. This essential component  for pneumatic and slurry conveying systems virtually eliminates elbow wear, product degradation, plugging, surging, cross-contamination, noise, turbulence, etc. Hammertek's patented design, changes your product's direction by deflection rather than impact with the elbow walls and/or pipe walls. The Smart Elbow protects against wear and leakage in pneumatic applications better than any other type of elbow. The incredible long-wearing properties eliminate repair costs in materials and labor, as well as costs relating to compliance with EPA clean-up and disposal regulations.

The HammerTek® Smart Elbow is used in the following Conveying Systems:
  • Pressure & Vacuum Systems
  • Dilute & Dense Phase Systems
  • Slurry Systems
  • Steam, Condensate & Pumping System
HammerTek’s Smart Elbow® by CMT

HammerTek's SMART ELBOW®uses a spherical chamber that protrudes partially beyond the desired 90° or 45° pathway, causing a ball of material suspended in air to rotate. This ingenius effect causes material to rotate in the same direction as the airstream that powers it, which causes incoming material to be cushioned by the ball's rotation, and is gently deflected around the bend.

The HammerTek SMART ELBOW® prevents impact with the elbow wall,  essentially eliminating costly elbow wear, material degradation, melting and plugging. Hammertek Elbows are available in cast iron, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and special alloys in 90 and 45 degrees with flanges and socket-weld ends.

Hammertek Pneumatic Conveying Selection
Hammertek Prevents Problems Elbow Wear
Typical Wear Problems with Conveying Elbows

Wear and tear can becoming a problem with pneumatic conveying systems and other industrial elbows. The Hammertek Smart Elbow is the solution to your wear and tear problems. Hundreds of applications where ceramic lined, ceramic backed, concrete reinforced, wear backs and others have failed consistently within 3-12 months. By implementing the HammerTek Smart Elbows, the wear problem has been solved.
Hammertek Prevents Spillage
Hammertek Prevents Material Spillage
Hammertek Elbow Prevents Worn Pipes
Hammertek Prevents Worn Pipes
Hammertek Pneumatic Conveying Elbow Prevents Welded Patchwork
Hammertek Prevents Welded Patchwork
Design Advantages

  • Changes Direction by Deflection
  • The Correct Alloy for your Application
  • Eliminates Water Hammer
  • Lasts 5-10X’s longer than other elbows
  • Flanged and Coupled Process Connections
  • Minimizes maintenance, downtime and clean-up costs
  • Free Trials
Replace With Wear Resistant Elbows

Streamer Reducing Elbows

HammerTek has been solving degradation/ "streamer" problems for over 15 years.  It’s said that 70% of all streamers are caused by the elbows.  By implementing an industrial elbow that does not allow material to bounce off the walls, which causes heat and eventual streamers down stream, streamers can be reduced by 50-70%.  

The reason for our success with conveying elbows is HammerTek's patented vortice design.  This design enables material to change direction by deflection, as opposed to impact, as is the case with other conveying elbows.   HammerTek's conveying elbow actually "lifts" the material away from the outer wall, returning the product to laminar flow (not hitting the walls) within a distance equal to twice your conveying pipe diameter.  Compare 8" of "bouncing" to 6 - 8 feet for a standard long radius elle.  
HammerTek’s Smart Elbow® - Smoke Demonstration
HammerTek eliminates the streamers by eliminating the main heat source (impact point) and the secondary heat source, the back of the conveying elbow as 80% of the pellets slide along the back wall of the long radius sweeps.  Feel your LRES and you will likely find them warm or hot.  Your product begins melting due to the heat and comes apart.  Generally you will see the interior tubing coated with plastic a few feet beyond the conveying elbow, as the air starts to cool the streamers they adhere to the tube.  We can eliminate this for you!
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