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Dust Collection Systems

Dust Collection Systems

At Carolina Material Technologies, our goal is to be your turnkey baghouse solutions provider. We provide Pulse-Jet Baghouse equipment along with baghouse maintenance and repair services and replacement bags and parts for all makes and models of dust collectors. We provide industry knowledge and the proven engineering expertise to meet your dust control challenges head-on.

CMT’s partners design, engineer and install new baghouse equipment along with upgrades, conversions & rebuilds of your existing equipment for numerous industries, including yours.

A partial list of industries served:

■ Steel and Iron Processing, Foundries
■ Waste-to-Energy (WTE), Biomass & other
Renewable Energy
■ Power Generation, industrial Boilers
■ Aggregates, Cement, Lime & Asphalt Production
■ Non-ferrous Metal Processing
■ Food Processing
■ Grain, Seed, Sugar, Fertilizer plants

■ Chemicals, Plastics, Paint & Pigments
■ Minerals & Clay
■ Carbon Black Production
■ Coal Processing
■ Wood products, Building products production,
Paper Processing
■ Grinding, Polishing, Welding operations
■ Manufacturing for OEM

Bag House Dust Collection
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Pulse Jet Dust Collectors

Clean Air Technologies, a division of C.P. Environmental Inc., offers a full range of dust collector solutions including Bag houses, Cartridge Collectors, Cyclones, Bin Vent Filters and Filter Receivers. Reverse Jet Pulsation and, when required, Mechanical Shaker technologies are offered.  Ranges from 50 to 250,000 CFM.

What differentiates one dust collector manufacturer from another?  Design, Air to Cloth Ratios, Interstitial Velocity, Filter Centerlines, Filter Materials, Construction and Experience.

Product Offerings

  • Bag Houses
  • Specialty Collectors
  • Cartridge Collectors
  • Bin Vent Filters
  • Cyclones
  • Bag Dump Stations


Pule Jet Dust Collection
Pulse Jet Dust Collector



Clean Air Technologies’ sales managers and engineers, on average, have spent 21+ years in the industry, each.  Experience the Clean Air Technologies difference!


Compare the welding procedures, metal thickness and flanges.  Many competitors will bend their sheet metal sides for flanges.  lean Air Technologies provides angle irons for all flanges, to ensure proper connections from one plenum to the next.

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Pulse Jet Filter Receivers

Filter Receivers are available to receive, store and discharge product to the process below.  Pulse Jet technology is used to clean the filters on either a timer or pressure setting. Filter receivers are provided for either vacuum conveying systems or for pressure conveying systems.  The receivers are manufactured for up to 29” Hg vacuum and 100 psig pressure.

Our Pulse-Jet Filter Receivers are ideal for high-pressure applications where there is high pressure pneumatic conveying or a high-vacuum dust collection need. They are also used in complying with 3A sanitary standards or company-specific sanitary design standards, where corners may not be permissible due to cleanout requirements. These units are cylindrical or a circular-bodied construction and rated for 17” Hg. Our pulse-jet filter receivers are equipped either with pleated filters or conventional filter bags and cages. Contact us to learn more.

Pulse Jet Filter Receiver
Pulse Jet Filter Receivers
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