Techweigh Screw Feeders
Flex-Feed Gravimetric Screw Feeders with Controller

CMT offers Flex-Feed Gravimetric Screw Feeders. These screw feeders made of polyurethane have stronger, more resilient and abrasion-resistant than vinyl. There are no cracks or ledges, so material does not collect in them. The hopper interlocks with the cabinet for a tight seal. The patented auger and feed-tube designs allow for quick, tool-less removal and re-assembly.

•Independent Paddle Speed Control
•Tach Feedback
•4-20 MA Speed Indication Output Signal
•316 Stainless Steel
•100% Stainless Steel Construction
•Extension Hoppers and Covers
•NEMA 4X or Explosion Proof (NEMA 7/9) Enclosures
•Fast/Dribble SCR Drives
•Remote Set Point
•Batch Controllers
•Loss/Gain-in-Weight Controllers
•220 VAC Input Power
•Custom Feedtubes
•Special Finishes
•Inverter Duty Rated Motors
•Explosion Proof Motors
•Wash Down/Chemical Duty Motors

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Screw Feeders - Flex Feed Gravimetric

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